Terms & Conditions

Kindly read terms and conditions of our website before you place an order.

Prohibited Use:

‘Pro Essay’ gives ownership rights of papers after submission, but it holds special rights of reuse of papers in other technical form. Thus, the client is not liable to resell the papers without written permission of ‘Pro Essay’.

Final Deadline of Order

Final deadline date of the order will be decided upon the payment. Payment of order should be done fully, at least 2 days prior to deadline. For instance, if you placed an order on 1st January (with 5 days deadline) and your payment was received on 5th January, then your final deadline will be considered 7th January instead of 5th January. However, if in any exceptional case, we fail to meet the deadline, then you have right to claim refund.

Plagiarism Claim Policy:

We provide proper scanned work with latest detection software tools for plagiarism check. Without any acceptable exact source, refund request will not be acknowledged for any own plagiarism.

Revision Policy:

Our writers strictly follow the guidelines of the client for an authentic paper. However, ‘Pro Essay’ is not liable to re write or update any academic paper that is beyond the initial instructions. Revision on new instructions will account for further charges.

Order Cancellation:

Order can be cancelled in two ways. Firstly, cancelling it manually and secondly by ignoring the payment process, which will lead to auto cancellation. If the order is cancelled within 24 hours, full refund will be provided, while after 24 hours, a nominal deduction will be charged as penalty, and remaining balance will be decided by the management with no negotiation.


‘Pro Essay’ is responsible to deliver the paper after the purchase. But in following cases, our company will not be responsible for any failure in delivery:

  • Mistake by client in filling order form with wrong contact details.
  • In situation of activated spam filters in clients email account that restricts our paper files to reach client’s inbox.
  • Lack of Internet Access or general negligence from the client.

Proper Guidelines Required:

Providing proper guidelines for the project is our key requirement. Improper guidelines may lead to failure of delivery on deadline and cause complications for both parties. Therefore, it is advised to provide valid guidelines so the project could be completed smoothly.